The Leaders Journey Agile Program is an internal initiative to equip your leaders, directors, and managers to effectively lead in an agile organization.

  • OUTSOURCING or OWNERSHIP - Equip your executives, directors, managers to LEAD your agile transformation not external coaching! This internal initiative will save you millions on the bottom line cost!


The CORE TRAINING of this program will guide you through AWARENESS & EQUIPPING to COMPETENCY

  • L E A D - (Awareness) Career advancement as an agile leader begins with YOUR AWARENESS of the key reasons why leading in an agile organization is different. This debrief is designed to facilitate your discovery of how these key differences influence your organization and YOUR career!

  • AGILE LEADERS MASTERMIND - (Equipping) Advance your career from traditional management practices by equipping you with the agile coaching, leadership, and communication skills needed to achieve cultural influence in the middle and upper tier of your organization.

  • AGILE BOOTCAMP MASTERMIND - (Equipping) Core training for those new to agile delivery teams (Scrum & Kanban), as well as those who would like to gain a better understanding. If you are leading teams or part of an agile transformation, this series is a must.

  • AGILE LEADERS COMMUNITY - (Competency) Completing your Agile Leaders Training is just the beginning... You will then need to grow in your competency through the shared experiences of fellow agile leaders!