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Agile Leaders Training + Community Membership (1yr)

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    Agile Leaders Training + Agile Leaders Community (1yr) + Bonuses ($2,300)

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OUTSOURCING or OWNERSHIP - Equip your executives, directors, managers to LEAD your agile transformation not external coaching! This internal initiative will save you millions on the bottom line cost!


The CORE TRAINING of this mastermind will guide you through AWARENESS & EQUIPPING to COMPETENCY


Leading in an agile organization requires different skills than managing in an autocratic organization.

  • AGILE LEADERS TRAINING - ($2,500). This online self-paced interactive masterclass will advance your career from traditional management practices by equipping you with the agile coaching, leadership, and communication skills needed to achieve cultural influence in the middle and upper tier of your organization.

  • Become equipped to lead the cultural "leadershift" needed to evolve from an autocratic management culture of authority, to a leadership culture of influence and innovation.



  • AGILE LEADERS COMMUNITY - One Year ($1,200 Value) Completing your Certified Agile Leaders Training is just the beginning! You will then need to grow in your competency!

  • CALL / EVENT CENTER - Weekly "LIVE" Coaching Calls with Thomas and your fellow agile leaders to stretch your thinking and provide you new levels of experience and awareness!. PLUS... Call Archive so you never miss a call. Live lessons from real-life leadership and coaching experiences!


Limited Time!

  • BONUS #1 - AGILE BOOTCAMP MASTERMIND - ($1,500 Value) A core training provides an in-depth understanding of the agile iterative delivery team practices of Scrum and Kanban. If you are leading teams this five course series is a must. This core series is specifically designed to accelerate your ability to mentor your agile delivery teams.

  • BONUS #2 - BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS MASTERCLASS - ($200 Value) Recognizing the communication style and behavioral patterns in others! As leaders, how do we structure our conversations in such a way as to encourage others to think into their results and NOT imprint them with our answers? Sounds great, but this is not as easy as it sounds!

  • BONUS #3 - AGILE LEADERS COMMUNITY FORUM - ($600 Value) Connect with your fellow Agile Leaders on your members dashboard for real-time; shared experiences, discussions, articles, & questions!

  • BONUS #4 - JM ACADEMY - Discounted licensing for John Maxwell world-class leadership content.