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Delivery Team Masterclass

Five Course Training + Weekly Coaching Calls

  • AGILE BOOTCAMP - Core training masterclass for those new to agile delivery teams (Scrum & Kanban), as well as those who would like to gain a better understanding. If you are leading teams or part of an agile transformation, this series is a must. 

  • AGILE LEADERS COMMUNITY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ($1,200 Value) - Full access to the Call & Event Center with weekly "LIVE" Coaching Calls with Thomas and your fellow agile leaders to stretch your thinking and provide you new levels of experience and awareness!. PLUS... Call Archive so you never miss a call. Live lessons from real-life leadership and coaching experiences!


This core five course masterclass series is specifically designed to accelerate your ability to participate on an agile delivery team.

  • All the Agile Practices Training (Scrum & Kanban) in one convenient place, including all the handouts and resources from each lesson.

  • In this five-course masterclass series, you will receive shared experiences, training, hand-outs, videos, and resource material.

  • Agile 101 - What is Agile? Agile is often confused with being a process. Learn what agile is and why you should want to transform your organization.

  • Agile 102 - Why Iterative Delivery? What is the value in delivering frequently? Is it different than incremental delivery? 

  • Product Owner Workshop - Day in the life of a Product Owner. Learn what it is to be a Product Owner and why this role is so vital. 

  • User Story Workshop - Learn the... Who?... What?... Why?... of User Stories. Learn the difference between user stories and requirements, and so much more.

  • Sprint Zero - What is Sprint Zero? What are the deliverables in a Sprint Zero? Learn why you should not skip this critical sprint.