Equipping you to effectively participate on high performing agile teams

  • AGILE TEAMS BOOTCAMP - Core masterclass for teams new to agile delivery practices of Scrum and Kanban, as well as those who would like to gain a better understanding.

  • NEW AGILE DELIVERY TEAMS - If you are standing-up new agile delivery teams this is the CORE TRAINING!

  • Five Course Series will move you beyond HOW to understanding the VALUE received from each ceremony and artifact of the agile delivery practices Scrum and Kanban.

  • PARTICIPATE - If you are an engineer, tester, architect, PO, BA, or SA, in an agile transformation this series is a must.


Completing your Agile Teams Bootcamp Training is just the beginning... You will then need to grow in your competency through the shared experiences of fellow agile leaders!

  • LIVE COACHING CALLS ($1,200 Value) - Weekly "LIVE" Coaching Calls with Thomas and your fellow agile teammates to stretch your thinking and provide you new levels of experience and awareness!!

  • CALL ARCHIVE, so you never miss a call. Live lessons from real-life leadership and coaching experiences.


  • Agile Practices Training (Scrum & Kanban) based on twenty plus years of real-life coaching experience developing hundreds of agile teams.

  • All online self-paced training, hand-outs, videos, knowledge checks, and resource material will remain available on your dashboard for ongoing future reference.

  • Get on the weekly coaching calls from anywhere in the world. Ask questions and learn even more by sharing your experiences with Thomas and fellow agile leaders.

  • Agile 101 - What is Agile? Agile is often confused with being a process. Learn what agile really is and why you would want to transform your organization.

  • Agile 102 - Why Iterative Delivery? What is the value in delivering frequently? How does iterative differ from incremental delivery? 

  • Product Owner Workshop - Day in the life of a Product Owner. Learn what it is to be a Product Owner and why this role is so vital. 

  • User Story Workshop - Learn the... Who?... What?... Why?... of User Stories. Learn the difference between user stories and requirements, and so much more.

  • Sprint Zero - What is Sprint Zero? What are the deliverables in a Sprint Zero? Learn why you should not skip this critical sprint.

  • Call Archive - Years of recorded weekly Q&A Coaching Calls so you NEVER MISS A CALL!

Masterclass Courses

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