ONCE A MONTH LIVE - FREE! This month it's Saturday morning Nov. 13th @ 9-11 AM CST. Seating is limited so enroll early!

  • I spent years doing discovery interviews with agile leaders just like YOU and put together the key reasons leading in an agile organization is different.

  • Career advancement as an agile leader begins with YOUR AWARENESS of these key differences!

  • This debrief is designed to facilitate you discovering how these key differences influence your career! You will discover through your own experiences, your optimal path forward.

  • Any change process begins with AWARENESS that leads to intentional action! New Awareness & an action plan is exactly what you are going to achieve by participating in the Leaders Executive Agile Debrief.

  • BRING YOUR TEAM! Invite a small group of your respected peers (leaders, managers, directors, agile coaches, scrum masters) to join you in this CAREER CHANGING discovery debrief.

Answering the Questions:

Like me, you are an agile executive, director, manager, or coach. As you know... far too many agile organizations fall short of reaching their full potential. What about your career? Are you asking yourself the following questions...

  • How can you advance your agile career and become equipped to lead your team and organization to achieve organizational agility?

  • Do you have the agile leadership experience, knowledge, and skills required to influence in the middle and top tier of your organization?

  • Does your current traditional management experience qualify you to effectively lead in an agile organization?

  • Are you part of an agile transformation or an AGILE ORGANIZATION?

  • Are Agile Practices (Scrum, Kanban) enough to influence organizational change?

  • Should your agile transformation be lead internally by your own directors and managers, or by external coaching?